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Japan NGO Network for CEDAW (JNNC)

Japan NGO Network for CEDEW (JNNC) is a coalition of Japanese NGO's,
which has worked together on the consideration of the 4th and 5th periodic reports of Japan
at the 29th Session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (DEDAW)

JNNC's Activities for CEDAW #29 Session
NGO Summary Report JNNC compiled brief summaries of the alternative reports of the member organizations, and sent it to CEDAW, along with the full text of each NGO's report.
NGO Answers to the Issues and Questions from CEDAW JNNC generated the NGO alternative answers to the list of issues and questions for the consideration of the Japan reports by CEDAW, and sent them to CEDAW and the government of Japan.
Statement at the CEDAW Pre-Session Working Group JNNC sent 13 representatives from 5 NGO's to the pre-session working group on February 3, 2003, to provide information to the working group.

JNNC Activities in New York during the 29th Session of CEDAW

58 JNNC members from 16 NGOs observed the 29th session of CEDAW in the U.N. Headquarters in New York.

*JNNC Lunchtime Buriefing to CEDAW experts: 2:00-3:00pm, Mon. July 7, Room 6
- JNNC member NGOs made statements to the 11 CEDAW experts
- The CEDAW experts asked a lot of questions
- JNNC gave the CEDAW experts written answers to the questions by the end of the day

*CEDAW's Informal Meeting with NGO's : 5-6pm, Mon. July 7, Room 2
- JNNC made a 10 minutes presentation to the CEDAW by 4 representatives

*CEDAW's Consideration of Japan Reports : 10am-1pm and 3:00-5:30 pm. Tue. July 8

*JNNC Press Conference : 5:30-6:00pm, Tue. July 8, Viena Cafe

*Diner Meeting for the Representatives of the Government of Japan andJapanese NGO's, organized by the Government of Japan : 7-9pm. Tue. July 8, Jimmy Sung

  JNNC Activities (History & Plans)
Date Activity
No. of Participants
Dec 23, 2002 JNNC Kick-off meeting (Meeting #1)
35 persons
approx. 20 NGO's
Jan 17, 2003 Meeting with Ms. Mariko Bando, Chief of Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office
8 representatives
from 6 NGO's
Jan 27, 2003 Pre-meeting for CEDAW pre-session working group (Meeting #2)
10 members
from 4 NGO's
Feb 3, 2003 Presentation to CEDAW pre-session working group in UN Headquarters in New York
13 representatives
from 5 NGO's
Feb 4, 2003 Press Conf with Yomiuri America
Feb 4, 2003 Luncheon with Ms. Sjamsiah Achmad
Feb 20, 2003 Report on CEDAW pre-session working group
(Meeting #3)
13 members
from 8 NGO's
Mar 3, 2003 Publication of Japanese translation of CEDAW's list of issues and questions
Mar 5, 2003 Review on CEDAW's list of issues and questions
(Meeting #4)
30 members
from 12 NGO's
Mar 20, 2003 Meeting with the Association of Female Diet Members
8 JNNC members
12 Diet members
Apr 3, 2003 Working session on the NGO answers to the CEDAW's list of issue and questions (Meeting #5)
32 members
from 10 NGO's
Apr 9, 2003 Meeting with Ms. Mariko Bando, Chief of Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office
5 representatives
May 12, 2003 Lobbying to Government Ministries and Agencies, together with the Association of Female Diet Members
27 JNNC members
24 Diet members
May 12, 2003 Meeting on the activities toward the CEDAW 29th Session
(Meeting #6)
33 members
from 13 NGO's

Jun 9, 2003

Pre-meeting for the CEDAW 29th Session
(Meeting #7)
25 members
from 10 NGO's
Jul 7, 2003 CEDAW 29th Session
Informal Meeting with NGO's
(About. 60 representatives)
Jul 8, 2003 CEDAW 29th Session
Consideration of Japan Reports
(About. 60 representatives)
Jul 22, 2003 Report on CEDAW 29th Session
(Meeting #8)
Aug 23, 2003 Workshop on CEDAW 29th Session and Its Outcomes
in the National Women's Education Center
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